September 2, 2008

Oh! I was supposed to buy the green one?!?!

Why didnt anyone tell me this before I filled out all of the forms in the purple booklet?! Ok, let me back up and explain myself. I'm a dork. That being said I went to the campus bookstore(ugh!) last week and purchased a $7 booklet of forms required for my TECA class.I was proud of myself! It was the last one. I got it fairly earlier. I took it home and I filled out all the forms inside. Only to read on the class website that I needed the green covered book of forms! DAMN! Damn!! So now I have to return to the campus bookstore hopefully purchase the green covered booklet and fill out all of those forms and return them to the prof. Double damn again! Next time I swear I'll read the syllabus all the way through and not just skim it.
Ok on a brighter note, is anyone else excited about the new "spin-off" of Beverly Hills 90210? I've got it set to record but I'll probably watch it in real time.( Its just called "90210" and the same basic take as before only updated and fresher. The Peach Pit is now a coffee shop/lounge. Jennie Garth is back as Kelly Taylor the schools guidance counselor and Toril Spelling ,aka Donna Martin, owns a local clothing boutique. I'm so excited! I love Tori Spelling. Shannen Doherty is back as Brenda Walsh* drama drama drama* as the drama teacher!! Omg. Fingers crossed that this lives up the all the hype in my head. Which reminds me I need to get Tori's book.... is it on sale yet? Has anyone read it?