January 30, 2011

I won a giveaway!

On Wednesday, I entered a giveaway on www.littlemissmomma.blogpsot.com. I never win anything but I always try! I was super surprised when I was chosen randomly to win a gorgeous necklace. Seriously, check out this jewelry! It's fab! http://www.starfishjewelrydesign.com

I'm in love with the Coco necklace and the Tori necklace.


I was so excited yesterday I totally forgot to put my address in the email! I'm sure Ashley*lmm* and Amber *starfish designs* think I'm a huge nerd now. :)

By the way you should check out their blogs. These two ladies are awesome.

**Side note: I think I say awesome way too much. I can;t help it. It's my inner awesomeness shining through.**

January 28, 2011

Hello, My name is Jenna and I am a bookworm..

I love reading. I love everything about books. I've always been a big reader. I love nothing better than getting lost inside a book.My over active imagination really gets a work out when I read. In fact, I once so vividly picture a book, I thought it was a movie I had seen with me family. Yup, you heard me right. Here's how that went down.

Me: " Hey sis, Do you remember the name of the movie we were watching the other night??"

Sis: "What movie?

Me: "You know where the girl is being stalked by the son of the guy her died killed?"

Dad: "There's not a movie about that!"

Sis: "Hey weren't you reading a book when we were watching Tv?!"

Everyone looked at me and started laughing.

Me: " Well, that book would have made a great movie!"

Ten years later and I still haven't lived it down. If I'm caught reading or mention I was reading they ask...

"So how's that movie?"

January 27, 2011

My First Giveaway!

As many of you know, I'm "newish" to blogging. I've blogged before but I was lazy and boring. In an effort to make something of this blogging business, I'm hosting a giveaway.

How to Enter:
Become a follower of my blog and leave a comment.
Follow me on Twitter and tweet about my blog/giveaway.
Add me on facebook and mention the giveaway on your status.

Make sure you leave a comment letting me know what you've done to enter.

Now the fun part..

What do you win?? Well, you can win one of two things.
Prize 1: Your very own pom pom necklace in the color of your choice. Loving made by me.
Prize 2: A cozy fleece blanket also in your choice of colors.

I'm really excited about my first giveaway. I can't wait to bring you guys more fab giveaways!

January 26, 2011

Let's be Bloggy BFFs'

I read a lot of blogs. I have no less than 15 blogs in my favorites. I love getting to know the blogger. *By the way, I totally stole the term bloggy bff from Ashley at Little Miss Momma* Many bloggers have recently shared odd/random facts about themselves. I'm following in their footsteps. Here are some tidbits about me. I hope you still like me later :)

My parenting style: Flexible loving yet we have set rules. Monkey is only 19 months so....

Last meal I cooked: Super yummy pot roast

Weirdest thing in my purse: Um... a Lego construction worker.

Craziest thing I've done while sleep-deprived: I poured the baby's formula into my coffee instead of my creamer.

Behavior I hope my son doesn't inherit from me: Eye-rolling...

Last thing my child did that made me laugh: I'm constantly laughing at him. He is so funny but tonight he wasn't paying attention while he was "brushing" his teeth and put his toothbrush in his nose. I took it away and he clapped.

My favorite baby gear. Boogie Wipes! They are great when he has a yucky nose.

The song that best describes my parenting experience thus far: In My Life by The Beatles

Kid's Show I can't stand: Max and Ruby.. Where are their parents?!?!? And why is Ruby so dang bossy?!

First Word that pops into my head when someone says mom: Joy

One of my favorite smell: Books. New or Used Library or Store. And baked goods

Food I can't stand: Green Beans. I hate them. I just recently stopped gagging whenever I smelled them. I'm always trying to get Monkey to eat them.

Now that you know more about me. Tell me more about you. Oh, and come back tomorrow for my first giveaway!!!!!

January 25, 2011

What matters most...

Tonight I read a blog that moved me to tears. I picked up a sleeping monkey and held him while I cried. It was the story of a darling baby girl that was born with Down Syndrome. The pain and love I felt in her mothers words sucker punched me in the heart. I'm still crying. I am so blessed that Monkey was born healthy and is healthy. I worry everyday about his development and health.

My biggest fear is that I'll do something wrong somehow and he'll pay the price for it. When I was pregnant with him, I had nightmares that the Tylenol I took would give him a third arm. Now it's will this harm him somehow? If I don't make him use a spoon will he become a messy lazy slob? He's not talking now....will this mean he'll be behind other kids in school? Does it mean there's something wrong? Is he getting enough sleep? Enough good food? Enough water?

What makes me snap out of this?

When he smiles at me, claps his hands or says "amama" and snuggles in for a kiss and a cuddle. In the moment, I just know I'm doing what is right and what is best for him and me. I love him and I am beyond blessed to be his "amama".

January 23, 2011

What happened to your eye Ms J?

You know what I love about kids? They are honest. Oh so honest. I hear it almost weekly. "Ms. J what's on your face?" or "Ms J what's that on your eye?" I have a standard answer for kids. "It's just a spot where my skin is red sort of like a freckle or mole. It's called a birthmark. It's not an owie and it doesn't hurt."

It hurts sometimes. When kids point and ask and their parents ignore them or dragg them away from me like I'm Frankenstien's monster. I'm a grown woman I'm USED to the comments and questions. I've been asked if I was in a fire or if I was in an accident.In high school, one kids asked if my parents had burned me with an iron. Jerk. I hated it when I was a kid. It drew attention to me when I wanted to be invisible. I begged my mom to buy me make up to cover it. She told me I didn't need it. She said I was pretty just the way I was. She told me different is gorgeous. I begged more and she took me to Dillard's make up counter and purchased the stupidly expensive cover up. It was thick and hard to put on. But it covered up my birthmark. I wore it to school the next day. My friends shrugged it off. The cute boys didn't notice and the pretty popular girls didn't suddenly want to be my friend. It didn't fix how I felt about myself.

When I arrived home that day, I stared at myself in the mirror willing the birthmark away, praying the cover up was better than it looked to me. I wore it a few more times. It felt false and thick on my skin, like a mask.

I've finally learned to embrace my birthmark. C likes it and sometimes Monkey will touch it when he's rubbing my face. It's just part of who I am. Without it I doubt I'd be the same person.

January 16, 2011

Pom necklace.

Here's what happened after the Crafting Bug bit me.

I love it. I spent $3.75 roughly on it. :) I found out about this craft from a fab mom from my preschool. You could google "pom pom necklace" for directions to make your own or go to www.littlemissmomma.com like I did. :)

January 15, 2011

Crafting Bug

The crafting bug has bitten me again. I'm currently working on a pom pom necklace. I plan on getting supplies to make a heart wreath for my door. I'm not great at crafting but I love doing it. I realize the only way I'll get better is if I start doing it more. I'm going to try for one craft a week outside of things I do for work. I'll post pictures and directions soon!

January 9, 2011


Wow, I haven't blogged since August 2010. I lost interest in this whole blogging thing. I mean really who is even reading my blog? My best friend and I beleive thats it. I don't know if I want to do this anymore. C doesn't want our business floating around in cyberspace. He's a private person like that. I liked blogging. Not sure if I do anymore. I'm also not sure what type of blog to have. I'm not very crafty and I'm really not that great of a writer. Let's just face facts. I'm kinda boring. I did make a resolution to see my friends more.... and to do things just for me and just for the heck of it tho. Maybe I should blog more as well.