January 26, 2011

Let's be Bloggy BFFs'

I read a lot of blogs. I have no less than 15 blogs in my favorites. I love getting to know the blogger. *By the way, I totally stole the term bloggy bff from Ashley at Little Miss Momma* Many bloggers have recently shared odd/random facts about themselves. I'm following in their footsteps. Here are some tidbits about me. I hope you still like me later :)

My parenting style: Flexible loving yet we have set rules. Monkey is only 19 months so....

Last meal I cooked: Super yummy pot roast

Weirdest thing in my purse: Um... a Lego construction worker.

Craziest thing I've done while sleep-deprived: I poured the baby's formula into my coffee instead of my creamer.

Behavior I hope my son doesn't inherit from me: Eye-rolling...

Last thing my child did that made me laugh: I'm constantly laughing at him. He is so funny but tonight he wasn't paying attention while he was "brushing" his teeth and put his toothbrush in his nose. I took it away and he clapped.

My favorite baby gear. Boogie Wipes! They are great when he has a yucky nose.

The song that best describes my parenting experience thus far: In My Life by The Beatles

Kid's Show I can't stand: Max and Ruby.. Where are their parents?!?!? And why is Ruby so dang bossy?!

First Word that pops into my head when someone says mom: Joy

One of my favorite smell: Books. New or Used Library or Store. And baked goods

Food I can't stand: Green Beans. I hate them. I just recently stopped gagging whenever I smelled them. I'm always trying to get Monkey to eat them.

Now that you know more about me. Tell me more about you. Oh, and come back tomorrow for my first giveaway!!!!!


missyc said...

I have put formula in my coffee before too! How do they drink that stuff?!

Jenna said...

Missy, I have no idea. It smells terrible! Luckily I noticed the smell before I drank it.

Johanson Family said...

I love stuff like this!! I am a follower of your blog now!! We can be bloggy BFF's, that is if my list of things didn't scare you off :)

Jenna said...

Of course we can be b;loggy BFFs! I love your blog. :)