January 30, 2011

I won a giveaway!

On Wednesday, I entered a giveaway on www.littlemissmomma.blogpsot.com. I never win anything but I always try! I was super surprised when I was chosen randomly to win a gorgeous necklace. Seriously, check out this jewelry! It's fab! http://www.starfishjewelrydesign.com

I'm in love with the Coco necklace and the Tori necklace.


I was so excited yesterday I totally forgot to put my address in the email! I'm sure Ashley*lmm* and Amber *starfish designs* think I'm a huge nerd now. :)

By the way you should check out their blogs. These two ladies are awesome.

**Side note: I think I say awesome way too much. I can;t help it. It's my inner awesomeness shining through.**

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