February 1, 2011

Happy February!

It's February 1st! I love the love month. February is my second favorite month. **March, my b-day month is 1st**

This February, I'm going to blog more, read more and craft more.

Now for my actual blog entry...

I've been thinking about so-called guilty pleasures. Some people keep theirs a secret but I'm not embarrased by any of mine. At least not enough to keep them secret.

My 10 "Guilty Pleasures"

1. Vampire/Wereworlf/Witch books. I know I know...I've read Twilight but I'm not nuts about Robert Patterson..
2. Coffee. Oh my gosh, how I love coffee.
3. Long hot showers or bubble baths
4. Baking. I love to bake. I just never get much of a chance to do it.
5. Sleeping when its raining.
6. Pedicures. I get this happy sassy feeling when my toes are pretty.
7. Finding "new" songs. I get a huge kick out of finding new or new to me songs and bands.
8.Tex-Mex and 'Ritas Especially with my BFF Melonie!
9. Soft cozy fuzzy socks.
10. Hedgehogs and Hippos. I love them.

What are your ten "guilty pleasures"?


Jennifer said...

Rain always makes me SUPER sleepy! and OMG yes! coffee! I insist its healthy (I swear! I've studied the stuff!) but none of my friends believe me. at all. ugh. so mean

Thanks for finding me in blog-land! =) I can't wait to read more from ya!

Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

Johanson Family said...

My guilty pleasures:
cake balls or cupcakes from my favorite cake lady.
hallmark gold crown store.
aw man, my brain just went blank!

Great post!! I have to think hard!

Liz said...

My birthday month is March as well! Coffee is a guilty pleasure!


Apron Senorita said...

Hi blogging friend, great list. Okay, here is my TOP 10 GUILTY PLEASURES: Rocky Road Ice Cream, Staying Up Late, Twitter, blogging, Magazines, Buying Fabrics, Chocolate Candy, Politics, News, Burgers & Fries.... I LOVE THEM ALL

I’m blog hopping today to invite people to read about “Go Red for Women” by the American Heart Association. I was shocked at their statistics: “Heart disease is still the No. 1 killer of women, taking the life of 1 in 3 women each year, and 1 woman dies every minute from heart disease”.

That means that if we count all of our female family members, friends, co-workers, church-sisters, and blogging friends; 1/3 of them will lose their life to heart disease. WOW, that is a huge number. The worst part is that many times women do not know they have heart disease. It is time to get healthy and learn the warning signs.

Please spread the word.
Yoli :)
Apron Senorita

Sara said...

Top 10 guilty pleasures
1. Double Cheese Burgers and French Fries
2. New York Super Chunk Ben and Jerry's
3. Gossip Girl
4. Backstreet Boys
5. What Not to Wear
6. Project Runway
7. Blogging
8. Instant Cappuccinos
9. Twitter
10. Preschool TV (both for work and my PB)

New follower from the blog hops.

Pam said...

Jenn! OMGsh you and I could be twins. Almost every single item on your list is my 'guilty pleasure' too. I have a couple more but I can't list them publicly. Heh. Love the new look and love you precious.