February 6, 2011

My First Love

This is a hard post for me to write. I thought I'd be okay with blogging but I have some concern that it could get back to him. I wouldn't write anything negative but he might not want his past in everyones faces.  I'm going to be vague and hopefully if you guys know who I'm talking about you'll keep it to yourself.

My first boyfriend was my first love. Granted it was puppy love, cute and innocent. I adored him. I adored his family. They are and were wonderful kind people.Even though we have grown apart, I consider them part of my family to this very day.

It was a typical pre-teen romance. We fought, broke up and made up often. He gave me a teddy bear of Valentine's Day once. I kept it till I was 17. He was my first kiss. He was a great friend. We lost touch over the years and when we found each other, it was like we hadn't been apart. He would picked on me and I would tell him he was a jerk.( all in good fun).

He has grown into a wonderful man. We don't talk like was used to. We both have very different lives.
 I will always look back on that time in my life and smile.

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