February 27, 2011

Do you ever smell something and have it trigger a memory? No? Just me? Hmm.. I can't be THAT weird... Oh, it has happened to you? I knew it!

I can be walking through a store and smell someone's colonge or perfume and I'm instantly reminded of anything from my mother to a bad first date. The smell of leaves burning or a campfire reminds me of a family camping trip and a church youth group bonfire.The smell of Country Apple lotion from Bath and Body Works reminds me of a girl I used to sit with at church when we were kids. Peppermint candy reminds me of my first kiss, the smell of suede and lipstick reminds me of my older sister and sweet candy smells remind me of my baby sister. When I smell oatmeal and/or baby powder I think of my son and vanilla and clean laundry reminds me of home.

What scents are memory triggers for you?

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