January 19, 2010

I was bored

So I started messing with pics on photobucket. Here's one I came up with. I'd like to make it my blog badge thingy but I'm not sure how.

It says " my momma's nerdy" :P

I keep disappeasring on you guys.

Sorry about that. It's been busy over here. I've decided I'm not going to finish the how to find a daycare thing. It's lame. Hope no one is let down by this. I'm just not feeling it.

What I am feeling is tired. We've been a co-sleeping family and now I'm trying to get Monkey to sleep in his bed instead of ontop of me. He's not liking this one bit. He did great 2 night in a row and then all hell broke loose. This is not fun. I'm not using the cio method. We basically live in a one room apartment so this is even tougher than it could be. I'm thisclose to giving up.
Monkey is also trying to walk. If you hold his hands up and help him, he'll take a few steps. He also has two bottom teeth and is rocking bazck in forth trying to crawl. He's sooo big!!

Baby K arrived and everyone is doing well. My nephew is in love with his little sister just like everyone else. I can't wait till she gets more hair so she can wear those bows I made her!!!!

I really don't have much to write about as I am feeling rather blah today. I'm trying to pick a new car seat out. It's so tough!!! Monkey's infant seat was easy since it was a gift.I need help from more experienced mommies!!! I'd really like a seat that can be used up to 80 or 100 lbs but I want a good deal too. Any ideas out there?

January 13, 2010

How to pick a great childcare center for your kids. Part One.

I have worked in 3 childcare centers for a total of 6 almost 7 years. I've seen the good the bad and the ugly of day-cares. I have the inside scoop. So what should a parent look for? How should you go about finding a daycare? Well ask your friends, look the centers up online,and use your states family and protective services website to look up the centers rating. (For Texas go to http://www.dfps.state.tx.us.

One of the most important things to consider is the workers. What the education level/experience? Do they like children? * Yes, I realize that seems like a silly question. However with the high turnover rate and low requirements sometimes people just take the job to have a job.* Make sure you meet the person that will be your child's teacher. Also, it helps to meet the teachers that teach one class younger and one class level older. I say this because sometimes ratios are off and a child may be bumped up or down until the ratio gets balanced. Look at the teacher, is she dressed in something that will allow her to play with the children? Does she have 5 inch long talons? * Yes, I've seen it * Also look at the turnover rate, how long has that teacher been there.

For the most part look for a daycare teacher that smiles when your child comes in to the room, someone that makes an effort to get to know your child, and trust your gut on this. This is the person you're entrusting your child with for at most 12 hours a day, 5 days a week.

When on the tour of the center, look around, ask questions and listen to whom every is giving the tour. I personally think you should visit the center twice or three times. Try to go at different times of the day too. Keep in mind that mornings until 9am are busy, lunch is usually between 11-12 with nap time beginning at 12:30 and ending at 2:30, and 3 to close is also busy with kids coming in from school and other children leaving for the day. I personally would go at 9am, 2pm and 4pm. This would give you a great sense of what your child's day would be like.

I hope this helps someone and please ask any questions you may have. I'll be writing part two later this week.

January 10, 2010

It's been a little while but I'm back.

Yesterday was the shower for Baby K. It was so much fun. My sister got some cute little pink clothes for Baby K. I won a prize for the best drawing of baby. We had to hold a piece of paper on top of our heads and draw a baby body part by body part. My drawing was cute even if the baby had an arm where the ear should be. :) The hostess was Krissy's best friend and my other little "sister". She did a great job. She's adorable.

I'm on face-book like many other people. Like many I've gotten sucked in those application games. I <3 Cafe World and Farmville. It's simple and addictive. I used to play World of Warcraft. That was before C moved in,before I had the baby and when I had extra mad money. World of Warcraft is addictive and time consuming. OMG. It takes forever to do anything on that game. Luckily, those facebook games don't take that much time to reach a goal or complete a task. I told you guys I was a nerd!!!

So tomorrow around noon, I will become an aunt again. Baby K will be arriving! I'm so excited. I'm also so very happy for my sister and her little family. I love being Aunt Jenna, or as the little man calls me, GiGi. Also tomorrow I have to call and withdrawl from school. There was an issue with my finicial aid being complete on time and I couldn't pay out of pcoket until it kicks in. So, I'm postponing school just to get all of that straightened out. This is just a temporary setback and I will go back to school and I will have my degree by the time I'm 30. That gives me two years to finish all of this. I hope I can do it.

Tomorrow if I have time around all the baby excitment I will be writing a post about finding the right daycare.

January 5, 2010

Free Range Mothering?

I'm watching Dr.Phil. I hate Dr Phil. However, I was totally sucked in by this topic. I'll probably fall into the "helicopter mom" style but maybe not that extreme. But this whole movement is about giving your children freedom and trusting their judgement.One mom lets her children walk by themselves to a friends house and she doesn't worry if she doesn't hear from them. No news is good news to her...REALLY?!?! Are you kidding me? You're going to let your 10 year old son leave the house and not check in? How long would she let that go before she got worried? One hour? One day?! I think at the least make them call you when they get to the friends house. I feel the world isn't as safe as it used to be. I feel uneasy with the idea of children walking the streets with out supervision. I believe in educating children on how to protect themselves.I don't think you should terrify your child. However, I also believe my child's safety is a top priority. Maybe I watch too much CNN or HLN. When I think about all the children that have gone missing over the past year, it breaks my heart. Their mothers probably thought they were safe and nothing would happen.

I would much rather be slightly over-protective than so under protective that I don't know where my ten old year is or let my 9 year old ride the subway or more locally the DART bus alone.

I'm all for teaching and giving idependence but there's a line. Maybe I'm just scared.

If you guys want to read about Free-Range Kids heres a website about it

January 2, 2010

Resolutions... Do ya have them?!

I don't. Resolutions suck ass. I feel like I have enough pressure on me without adding to it. I beat myself up enough, why promise to do something and then feel like crap when I fail? Well, this year I'm not making any. None at all. I'm just going to continue to leave. I'm not going to promise myself I'll drink more water, or that I'll lose weight. I'm just going to keep on trucking. *hehe*

How about you guys? What do you resolve to do or become? Are you going to lose that last 10 pounds? Are you going to go green?

I'm making wishes for this year.

I wish this year holds more hope and joy for everyone and less heartaches and breaks.