January 10, 2010

It's been a little while but I'm back.

Yesterday was the shower for Baby K. It was so much fun. My sister got some cute little pink clothes for Baby K. I won a prize for the best drawing of baby. We had to hold a piece of paper on top of our heads and draw a baby body part by body part. My drawing was cute even if the baby had an arm where the ear should be. :) The hostess was Krissy's best friend and my other little "sister". She did a great job. She's adorable.

I'm on face-book like many other people. Like many I've gotten sucked in those application games. I <3 Cafe World and Farmville. It's simple and addictive. I used to play World of Warcraft. That was before C moved in,before I had the baby and when I had extra mad money. World of Warcraft is addictive and time consuming. OMG. It takes forever to do anything on that game. Luckily, those facebook games don't take that much time to reach a goal or complete a task. I told you guys I was a nerd!!!

So tomorrow around noon, I will become an aunt again. Baby K will be arriving! I'm so excited. I'm also so very happy for my sister and her little family. I love being Aunt Jenna, or as the little man calls me, GiGi. Also tomorrow I have to call and withdrawl from school. There was an issue with my finicial aid being complete on time and I couldn't pay out of pcoket until it kicks in. So, I'm postponing school just to get all of that straightened out. This is just a temporary setback and I will go back to school and I will have my degree by the time I'm 30. That gives me two years to finish all of this. I hope I can do it.

Tomorrow if I have time around all the baby excitment I will be writing a post about finding the right daycare.

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