February 28, 2010

Thinking Thoughts. :)

I was reading quotes on life and motherhood today. I found several that rang that rang true with me. It felt like I had said a few of them. I'm not nearly as eloquent as these speakers.

So I'm thinking on the thoughts of others. Let me know what you guys think or if you have any quotes that represnt your mommyhood.

"Becoming a mother makes you the mother of all children. From now on each wounded, abandoned, frightened child is yours. You live in the suffering mothers of every race and creed and weep with them. You long to comfort all who are desolate." -- Charlotte Gray

* So true for me. I can't watch the news anymore without tearing up!

My mom is a neverending song in my heart of comfort, happiness, and being. I may sometimes forget the words but I always remember the tune. ~Graycie Harmon

* I miss my mom daily. I wish she were here to answer my 2 am questions about diaper rash and teething. I wish she were here to just be Nana to Monkey.

I'm not a woman who lost my baby weight in two weeks, lets fashion dicate my style and is never tired. But I am strong. I am invincible. I am Momma!

I don't know if I read this somewhere or if it popped out of my sleep deprieved brain. But that's me!


February 26, 2010

Baby Gear....

I've ran across several blogs lately that have been talking about all the gear available for babies and kids. It's overwhelming. I remember before I had Monkey I thought a lot of this stuff was crap. I felt like the companies were taking advantage of new moms and dads by playing on theirs hopes and fears. I mocked the baby carriers, cart covers, and weird baby seats. Then I became pregnant and thought I needed everything to help me raise my child and keep him safe. Thank goodness C didn't let me by a lot of crap. Luckily, we had some friends with older babies that gave us things they were no longer using.

I'm not a huge germaphobe but I'm a bit careful especially after the huge h1n1 breakout. So I was really glad we had received a cart seat cover. I used it hoping to protect Monkey from germs. A few times I didn't use it the little guy was uncomfortable in the cart and he tried to "chew" all over it.

Things Monkey and I used- the boppy a lot, jumpers,shopping cart cover blankets and binkies

Things we didn't use- bottle warmer, vibrating baby seat and burp cloths.

The item I'm most grateful for is a $4 lovey we call "blue" Monkey sleeps with it, chews on its ear, shakes it and play peek-a-boo with it. Blue is my hero. My son's face lights up we he sees it. It has sved the day during dinner with friends, long grocery shopping trips and has magic powers that help teething.

Sesame Street Live was adorable!!

My sister scored tickets to Sesame Street Live and invited Scout and I. C stayed home and got my girl scout cookies!! *OMG I love cookies* The show was cute! Monkey loved it. He loves Elmo. During some parts of the show, He was wiggling and was people watching! He was trying to make friends with the boy behind us. He is fascinated by older kids. Then he pulled someones hair. I was SO embarrassed! She was really really nice about it though. ** If you read this I am very sorry. Monkey, however, was very amused. He really is a vile child ** :P

February 24, 2010

Balls, Cake Balls that is...

Remember how I mentioned that I would be making banana cupcakes for Monkey's birthday? Well, I also thought I'd make cake balls as an extra treat. I never make anything for a big event without a test run. So this morning I began Cake Balls Take One. Its a really simple reciepe to follow. I practically have it memorized.

Cake Balls in pictures.

They turned out weird but yummy.

I want to be Betty Cocker or Julia Childs...

But I'll never be THAT good so I'll just settle for being the mom that brings brownies to the bake sale, or maybe rice krispies squares. In order to change that I'm going to try to make more adventurous yummies. Tomorrow, after I clean out the fridge, I'm going to make... CAKE BALLS!!!

I'll take bad pics of it to keep you guys posted!!


February 21, 2010

I'm trying here. Why can't you give me a break?

I've messed up some friendships in my life. I'll admit to not being the best friend. I adore my friends and care about their lives and families very much. My life has changed so much in the last 2 years and I've gotten worse about being a great friend. I am trying.

I'm no longer your single gal pal that loves a good party. I'm now a mother, and girlfriend. I'll be a student as well shortly. I'm still your friend as long as you're still mine.

February 17, 2010

Oh my god, how did he get over there?

Monkey is crawling and using random furniture to pull himself up!! He also has a bruise the size of a nickle on his forehead from falling over!My little baby is quickly approaching toddler-hood. Can I make time slow down? He wants to cuddle less and less. I'm so torn between pride and being sad. Everyone warned me he would grow up to fast and I always replied, " Yes, I know." I didn't know it would be this fast!!!!

Now that I shared a little mommy news let me share the last book I read.
I just finished Twenties Girl by Sophie Kinsella. Do you recognize the name? She wrote Confessions of a Shopaholic which was great book and cute movie. Twenties Girl has a lot in common with her other novels, its a light enjoyable read with some heart touching moments and it occasionally tickles your funny bone. However, I'm glad I checked it out from the library and didn't buy it.

Publisher's Summary from Audible.com

Lara Lington has always had an overactive imagination, but suddenly that imagination seems to be in overdrive. Normal professional 20-something young women don't get visited by ghosts. Or do they?

When the spirit of Lara's great-aunt Sadie - a feisty, demanding girl with firm ideas about fashion, love, and the right way to dance - mysteriously appears, she has one last request: Lara must find a missing necklace that had been in Sadie's possession for more than 75 years, and Sadie cannot rest without it. Lara, on the other hand, has a number of ongoing distractions. Her best friend and business partner has run off to Goa, her start-up company is floundering, and she's just been dumped by the perfect man.

Sadie, however, could care less.

Lara and Sadie make a hilarious sparring duo, and at first it seems as though they have nothing in common. But as the mission to find Sadie's necklace leads to intrigue and a new romance for Lara, these very different "twenties" girls learn some surprising truths from each other along the way.

Written with all the irrepressible charm and humor that have made Sophie Kinsella's books beloved by millions, Twenties Girl is also a deeply moving testament to the transcendent bonds of friendship and family.

So, what to read next? I've been trying to get my hands on Dead and Gone by Charlaine Harris. It's the latest in the Sookie Stackhouse series which is the bases for HBO's True Blood. I've loved the books and the show so far and I'm sure this book won't disappoint. However, it's been checked out of the library for a month and I keep forgetting to get it from my sister. So I guess I'll try to read one of the other books I borrowed from the library. I'll let you know how that goes. :)

February 11, 2010

SnowStorm in Texas!

In all of my 27 almost 28 ears I've never seen snow like this!!!!!!! It's awesome, baby!!!

Here's a pic of the boy and I in the snow.

February 9, 2010

8 months down 4 months to go!!!

Monkey is now 8 months old and I've been working on his 1st birthday party since he was 6 months old. I'm a weird over-achiever that likes to plan things way in advance.

It's monkey themed of course and the colors are blue and yellow. I've got everything picked out already!!! I'll be making the cupcakes. I'm planning on baking banana cupcakes with white chocolate frosting or maybe just vanilla. I want the frosting to be white so that I can tint it bright blue and bold yellow. I've got the great vison in my head of how its going to look and I think it will be great.

I can't believe my little baby is almost a year old. He has 2 bottom teeth!!! He's crawling and trying so hard to pull himself up. Monkey can say mama ,dada and makes lots of babbbling noises that sound like words. He waves at people and gets soooooo mad if I take something away from him. All this big boy behavior is creeping in and yet behind his ears he still has that sweet baby smell. Ok, so now that I've made myself tear up I'll share some pics of there birthday stuff.

16 & Pregnant Season 2

I sort of got sucked into the first season. I caught bits and pieces of the reruns. I felt empathy for Maci, loathed Farrah, annoyed by Amber and was proud of Catelynn. I never saw the other girls, Ebony and Whitney. I wanted these girls to do well. I wanted them to make good choices for themselves and their babies. I watched follow up series Teen Mom.

This time around there are 10 girls. It debutes February 16, 2010. I've been thinking that in the wake of high school pregnancy pacts and increasing teen pregnancies rates if this show is more harmful than helpful. It seems like more and more people want to be famous. I fear that some girls will get pregnant to be on this show.

As my mom would say, "babies shouldn't be having babies."

February 7, 2010

I'm not that kinda momma...

I would say don't judge me but it's bound to happen, so bring it on.

People are judgemental, it's in our nature. That's no big deal. However, it's when you treat someone badly or different because of your judgements that really matters. I will admit to being really judgemental but I don't treat others differently because I disagree with their parenting skills or lifestyle.

For the record and before I get too deep in this, I DO NOT intend this to be offensive to anyone. If you get offended get over it.

I don't feed Monkey organic baby food but I've given him food with added DHA.

I don't recycle. I start and stop. It's hard being the only one in the house that will stay on top of it.

I don't use special baby detergent, I just rinse his clothes twice and avoid dryer sheets for him.

I don't really baby wear. We have a snugli thing but its wonky. I wanted a moby but never managed to get one.

I breastfed my son for about 2 weeks. I only stopped because I was dying and the antibiotics I was on would have hurt him. If I had been able to I would have breastfed him until he was 6 months.

I co-slept with Monkey. It was the best thing ever for him and me. He is a few days from being 8 months old and is just now sleeping in his bed.

I use binkies. My son loves his and it helps him calm down. I do not use it to "shut him up". I will wean him from it when we are ready, however, it will be gone before he is two at the oldest.

I lean more towards attachment parenting than any other style. You might think I'm "spoiling" my child but I think I'm caring for him, letting him feel secure,loved and letting his trust in me grow.

I am thinking about extending the time Monkey is in a rear facing car-seat until he is about 18 months. It seems to be safer. I'm all for car safety.

I don't plan to child proof the heck out of the house. I'm not going to wrap every hard surface in foam or bubble wrap. I will cover outlets and get child safety locks on the doors and on cabinets.

That's just what works for us. I know every parent does things differently and every child is different. This is how Monkey and I make it work. He is a happy healthy boy.

Judge me if you will. Question me if you want.

February 6, 2010

That's not a hooker, it's my 5 year old!!!

Seriously, I know a lot of bloggers are covering this. So here's my take...

Little girls should not dress like porn stars! Their jeans shouldn't look like they are painted on. Call me a prude if you want too but when
I have a daughter she will not look or act like Paris Hilton, Brittany Spears or a hooker. Miley and Noah Cyrus I'm looking at you. Where is your mother and aren't you out past your bedtime? Did you get your homework done?! My mom would have grounded me until I was 18 if I even thought about dressing and acting like some one these girls.

Miley Cyrus is a horrible role model for little girls. Yet I know so many watch her little tv show and movie and listen to her music. Noah is following in her skanky footsteps. Noah has "released" a lingerie line for kids. Seems like every time I hear about Noah Cyrus she's doing something totally inappropriate for her age.

Whether it's dressing like a dominatrix for Halloween, skipping around a pole-dancing pole or performing the totally un-PG hits 'Smack That' and 'Tik Tok', I suspect this nine-year-old could easily notch up more scandals than her big sis by the time she hits her teens.

Dear Billy Ray and "Tish" Cyrus,
Please buy Noah and EasyBake oven and stop letting her dress like this. She is your daughter not your meal ticket.

What's next stripper poles in a 8 year olds bedroom?! Seriously.