February 9, 2010

16 & Pregnant Season 2

I sort of got sucked into the first season. I caught bits and pieces of the reruns. I felt empathy for Maci, loathed Farrah, annoyed by Amber and was proud of Catelynn. I never saw the other girls, Ebony and Whitney. I wanted these girls to do well. I wanted them to make good choices for themselves and their babies. I watched follow up series Teen Mom.

This time around there are 10 girls. It debutes February 16, 2010. I've been thinking that in the wake of high school pregnancy pacts and increasing teen pregnancies rates if this show is more harmful than helpful. It seems like more and more people want to be famous. I fear that some girls will get pregnant to be on this show.

As my mom would say, "babies shouldn't be having babies."

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