January 19, 2010

I keep disappeasring on you guys.

Sorry about that. It's been busy over here. I've decided I'm not going to finish the how to find a daycare thing. It's lame. Hope no one is let down by this. I'm just not feeling it.

What I am feeling is tired. We've been a co-sleeping family and now I'm trying to get Monkey to sleep in his bed instead of ontop of me. He's not liking this one bit. He did great 2 night in a row and then all hell broke loose. This is not fun. I'm not using the cio method. We basically live in a one room apartment so this is even tougher than it could be. I'm thisclose to giving up.
Monkey is also trying to walk. If you hold his hands up and help him, he'll take a few steps. He also has two bottom teeth and is rocking bazck in forth trying to crawl. He's sooo big!!

Baby K arrived and everyone is doing well. My nephew is in love with his little sister just like everyone else. I can't wait till she gets more hair so she can wear those bows I made her!!!!

I really don't have much to write about as I am feeling rather blah today. I'm trying to pick a new car seat out. It's so tough!!! Monkey's infant seat was easy since it was a gift.I need help from more experienced mommies!!! I'd really like a seat that can be used up to 80 or 100 lbs but I want a good deal too. Any ideas out there?

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