February 3, 2011

DIY Shredded Scarf

Are you looking for a quick easy craft to do? I found one over at http://peasandcrayons.blogspot.com/2011/01/diy-shredded-jersey-scarf-part-2.html

Raid your hunny's closet. Check with him before you cut up a shirt though!

I grabbed one of C's old polo shirts and got to crafting. :)

Step One. Cut off the top and bottom of the polo.

Step Two. Fold shirt in half, like a book. * I didn't a picture of this step *

Step Three. Cut stripes into the scarf. Leave about an inch give or take at the top.

Step Four. Hold onto the base of each loop and GENTLY stretch.

Step Five. Wear it and rock it. :)

I've got a cold so I'm not posting a pic of me wearing it. :


Johanson Family said...

Aw you should have posted the picture!! I need to get crafty because I"m dyin' over here!!

Jenna said...

I'll take one tomorrow. My nose is soooooooooooooo red. :)

This was super easy but I feel like I didnt craft at all. I'm going to work on the scrapbook tomorrow I think.