February 4, 2011

Allow myself to introduce... myself... :)

Day One in the 30 day blog challange is to introduce myself. I'm not sure how to do this to be honest with you guys. I mean I've written an about me already.. So here goes nothing.. or something.. :)

Hi! I'm the Nerdy Momma a.k.a Jenna, Jenn or Jennifer.. and if youre family or a very old friend you probably call me Jenny.(If you're not please dont ever call me Jenny.) You should know I'm a genuis and a big deal. :)

I live with my boyfriend C, our son Monkey who was born in 2009 and our two dogs, Ranger the Beagle and Rebel the Corgi.

I've been attending college off and on for about 10 years. That's sounds terrible but I've had a lot of major life events that delayed me. The goal is to be a elementary school teacher someday. I'm currently a pre-school teacher at a school I love and in a classroom I really enjoy. My job is a lot of stress and a lot of fun.

My favorite things are (besides my family and friends) coffee, music and books. The colors grey and purple. Now I'm sure you're wondering why I call myself a nerd. Let's see I've played WoW, for those of you not in the know that would be World of Warcraft. I love Star Trek, Star Wars and most other nerdy movies and shows. I like playing Lego StarWars,Lego Batman and Lego Harry Potter on the Xbox. Although, living with C and sharing the remote has removed some of the nerdiness.   I love scrapbooking, and trying to be "crafty".

All that being said I'm probably more of a bookworm than an actually "nerd" but I like the word nerd. After all I'm sure high school Jenna was called that a lot. :)

And yes the title is an  Austin Powers quote. :)

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