May 23, 2010

this time last year...

This time last year I was having a great baby shower and picturing what our baby would look like. I was nesting and worrying. I was full of joy and hope. I was also soooo ready to have the baby.

Fastforward to now, I'm chasing a blueberry stained face around the house listening to monkey giggle and say mama.

My life is beautiful and I couldn't ask for more. Being a mom has fulfilled my life in more ways than I can count. My son is a gorgeous smart little guy. I'm so proud. He's been walking on his own for over 2 weeks and he walks everywhere. He talks a lot too. We've had him say about 12 words repeatedly and he understands soo much too. I'm so amazed how my little pink tiny baby has grown into this walking talking toddler.

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