September 29, 2011

Halloween is coming!

I LOVE LOVE fall. I adore Halloween. I love picking out 100000 costumes I'd like to wear. Now as a mommy, I love planning Monkey's costumes. It's soo fun. Don't you guy think so?!

I've got a frew ideas for the kiddo's costume. Last year, before the movie and the big trend, Monkey was Captain America. He's a trend-setter already. ;)  This year for him, we are either keeping the superhero theme or I'm going to make him be cute while I can.

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Should we got cutesy or big boy?

I'm clueless about my costume. We dress up at my work so I need something I can work in...ya know with out flashing everyone.

 Here are some costumes I loved.

Flight Attendant Costume SKU: 584973

I couldn't work in ANY of those...nor do I think I could take my 2 year old trick or treating in them...Too naughty for this momma

Those gorgeous costumes top out at around $125. Too rich for my blood.

So, of course, I was discussing this with C.

Me: Babe, what should I be for Halloween.

C: I don't know whatever you want.

Me: I can't find anything I like. Everything is either slutty of too expensive.

C: You know what that means right?

Me: Yea! I should make my own costume. Right?!

C: No, it means you have slutty and expensive taste.

Me: Oh! You're mean and NOT funny!

But seriously, you guys, what should I be?

What are your costumes this year?!


Anonymous said...

Come on, you could pull off the sexy flight attendant at work! That one's not that bad! Although, I agree - the queen of hearts costume is pretty badass. But not worth $125. Yikes.

My little boo is so old now that she picks her own costume out herself. I don't even get a say in it, unless she wants to wear some belly-baring Hannah Montana costume. The slutty costumes are only okay if I'm wearing them. ;o) Classic example of 'Do as I say, not as I do.' :o)

Johanson Family said...

Costumes are so dang expensive these days that I just go as myself. ACtually now with 3 kids, I'm probably going to be stuck at home handing out candy. Reese will be a baby angel.. I thought of having her go as a vampire since she's a lil' bit of a biter.. just kidding.... she is an angel, I promise... Ryan of course is obsessed with superhero's and will be Spider man. I almost ordered them online but thankfully saved the shipping and hit up party city.