September 13, 2011

Skinny girls in a Plus size world.....

I've been window shopping online for my imaginary fall wardrobe. I love fall and winter. I love the way we dress for the chilly seasons. Please give me sweaters hoodies and boots! In the course of my shopping I was redirected to a plus size clothing outlet. Sounds good to me right?!

I was somewhat excited about a new "store". That was until I started looking at the clothes and the models. This clothing store carter to women sizes 12-34. Great, I'm somewhere in that range. The models however, were not. I HATE that.

I'm sorry, actually no I'm really not..  I will not buy clothes from somewhere that can't even bother to find someone larger than a size 8 maybe to model clothing.

 This lady here is not plus size. Plus Size Halter neck maxi dress with ruffles image

How hard could it be to find a "plus size" model so that I have som idea how a dress or shirt may look on me? It can't be hard... Torrid and quite a few other stores have them and they look flawless .

  Those ladies make me wanna spend my money... be it for real or just in my head.


Anonymous said...

I have a very good friend who is a plus size model in NY. She has pictures of her and her fellow models all over her FB. They are beautiful girls...the only thing separating them from the runway models is their weight, so there are DEF girls out there that fit the bill. I can understand you wanting to see girls who are actually 12-34 wearing those clothes, otherwise they are really misrepresenting their product. I have to really be careful ordering clothes online, not b/c of weight but b/c of height. If I forget that the models are almost a foot taller than me, I end up with a calf-length dress instead of knee length. :o)

Krista said...

I hear ya, girl! I love seeing what clothes are supposed to look like on my body type. I've come to really not like clothes shopping for myself and my husband has to make me go do it. I have no problems, however, shopping for my daughter (obviously)!