March 8, 2012

What does turning 30 look like?


I wouldn’t know.I’m not 30.I’m super 29…  Okay I give in I’ll embrace turning 30.

My 30th birthday was Saturday for those of you that didn’t know. I spent the day with my best friend her 9 year old and my little man at the Dallas Zoo. Since we were both keeping kids happy the picture taking was sparse for a lot of the day.  I had a blast and a half though! This was the first time taking Scout were he was super into it.



The coolest part of the day was feeding the giraffes!Scout LOVES giraffes! We were both super excited.


We could touch them!So neat! *That hat is Scout*


That was just the first part of my birthday! The rest came in the form of shopping. steak dinner and sprinkles cupcakes.I only have pictures of my cupcakes.. I was too busy just enjoying the day.




If being 30 starts with this kind of awesomeness…bring it on!


Anonymous said...

You told me it was your birthday, but you didn't say you were turning 30!!! :o) Happy 30th!!! I think you brought it in just right! Those cupcakes look amazing. I would have eaten all 6 of them by myself. :o)

Johanson Family said...

Welcome to the club-- The Sprinkles cupcakes look soo good in pictures. I just wish they were so expensive!
Glad you had a great one! These are some great years ahead (30's).