April 12, 2012

I'm alive... but not well

I know I've been absent from my blog and I'm sorry for going MIA yet again. I have had a upheaval in my personal life and I'm just trying to get through it. C and I have ended our relationship of almost 5 years. It's been hard. What's harder is that I am the bad guy. I'm not going to be very open about this but there it is. It's over. I'm a 30 year old single mother. This is so not where I thought I'd be. This are the card I've been handed and I'll do my best to play them well.

I hope everyone will understand my absence. I will hopefully be back to blogging soon but right now I don't have it in me.


Anonymous said...

Oh honey. I'm so sorry. I'd wondered where you'd gone off to. I hate to hear that you've been missing b/c of a personal crisis.

Of course, I know nothing about why your relationship ended, but I don't think you should call yourself the bad guy. It's always both parties' fault when a relationship goes under. You do NOT need to be taking all the blame. I'll be thinking about you.

Johanson Family said...

I've sucked at blog hopping but always check in on you and wish you the best-- you and lil' S'ie and hope all works out. I'm just happy you can drive!! YAY!! If you need anything, a shoulder or place to vent, you can count on me! xoxo.