August 11, 2008

On Wednesday..

On Wednesday its C's birthday. I wanted to make him a UT Longhorn shaped/themed cake. Well thats not going to happen. I can't freehand anything to save my life; and the only formed things I found was a cookie cutter. I'm too lazy to bake and decorate cookies. So, I'm using one of his other loves for inspiration for the cake. I'm not going to say it on here in case he reads this! (for the record I'm not the inspiration for the cake. lol) I'll post pics of the cake later. I'm so excited about his birthday, more than him I think. I just love anything that requires baked good,family,friends and celebrating!! I'm already excited about decorating our apartment for Halloween. I wonder if I can get matching costumes for Ranger and Rebel!!

Ok, enough nonsense. I need to get on the ball with my school stuff.. I'm seriously taking the long way to a degree.

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Melonie said...

Well you should tell me what you're making because I totally rock =P

Congrats on the blog, that's an awfully cute pic you have up yonder!


Love ya,