December 19, 2009

I am Lame!

As in not cool and very dorky. I went out to dinner with a friend to celebrate her birthday. Scout stayed with his Meme so that C and I both could go. The birthday girl was drinking all the other "party-goers" were drinking, C and I weren't. In fact, I had a good time. I love my friends but I just couldn't wait to get home and cuddle up with my son and my honey. Apparently, the real party started after I left when everyone moved to the bar.

Now, what exactly makes me uncool? The fact that I was home by 10 and in bed by midnight? The fact that a drank hot coco before bed? Is it that once I got home I got into my PJ's and big fuzzy socks? Yup, my guess is that is all of the above! And I'm okay with being uncool me because I love being Scout's momma. :)

Enough about me, let's gossip!!

I am so sick of hearing about Tiger Woods! Is the world really shocked that yet another athletic is allegedly cheating on his wife?! off the top of my head, I can name quite a few that have and were caught; Kobe Bryant, Alex Rodriguez, Steve McNair(r.i.p) and Michael Jordan. I am NOT shocked by this at all. It's practically accepted in our world that these men are going to cheat and their wives *most of them* are going to accept it as long as it comes with a shiny bauble. *ahem* I'm looking at you Mrs. Kobe Bryant. Bryant was accused of raping a 19 year old girl.
I'm sorry but cheating is not acceptable just because a man is rich! In our world though it seems that money is all that matters and can be used to buy forgiveness.

On a lighter note I read this joke about Tiger Woods and wanted to share,
What does Tiger Woods have in common with a baby seals? They both get clubbed by Norwegiens.

hahahaha!!! * I don't think animal abuse is funny,but a pretty little model beating up her cheating hubby is!!!*


Anonymous said...

Jen, you are an absolutely awesome writer! Lv Pam :)

Melonie said...

Dude... I feel so bad that I haven't been keeping up with your blog. I'm supposed to get RSS updates but I guess it's not working.

You were awesome the other night. Actually after you left I spent almost the entire night talking to K and practically ignoring everyone else. I spent way more time talking with you and Casey and Will than I did everyone else combined the whole night =)

I hope you realize that I have been right where you are, just wanting to be home with my family snuggling and sipping cocoa. Unfortunately my happy family didn't last, but I am happy that yours is going strong. Don't ever feel lame for being a loving mommy =) I love you to death just like you are!

Jenna said...

I love you too girl! You are my bestie and you rock!

Jenna said...

and Thank you Pam!