August 14, 2011

I've been sick..and busy...

Oh for the love of  Harry Potter, of all the times to get sick. I get sick in the week or so leading up to school starting. I know the new school year in preschool isn't as busy or complex as it is in public schools but there is still a ton for me to do. I've been working on lesson plans, bulletin boards  and organizing my classroom. I was really sad to miss work on Friday but both Monkey and I had a fever of 102.( mine was 102.1 and his was 102.4). It's Sunday and the little dude is better and I'm feeling more like myself just with much less energy.

In all this downtime, I've been napping, reading and pinning things like crazy. I'm hooked on pinterest. Darn you, Janette. :) But thanks to pinterest, I've finally nailed down the tattoo, I want to get for my mom. I promised her that I would get one for her since she never did and then couldn't get one when she was so ill.

I thought of all sorts of tattoos to get. Should I get her name? How about a symbol for her? What would a fitting tribute to the woman that raised me, that loved me and that was my best friend be?  She was a Leo, should I get a lion? A rose because that was her favorite?  None of those seemed fitting. I started to think of a phrase that would encompass what my mother meant to me. Maybe the proverb she always said to me?

“There are two lasting bequests we can give our children: One is roots, the other is wings.” or maybe a symbol of that? but what?

The answer hit me when I saw this...

Wait before you freak out...I'm not thinking of getting the ribcage and script. Just the script. It's a line from my favorite poem and I know Mom would love it. I want it either around the flower I got when my mom and dad were with me or beside it and I would love to include a very simple heart near it.

Now, I just need to pick the font , funds and find an artist. I'm really happy with this choice. I've been planning and trying to decide since before my mom passed away. I know she would like it.

Now, I should get back to work before I get lost on pinterest again.....

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Anonymous said...

I refuse to get addicted to pinterest! I spend an unhealthy amount of time online as it is. :o)

I love your idea. That poem is a good one. I think I heard it first on a movie, maybe 'In Her Shoes'. Have you seen it? Is it the same poem Cameron Diaz reads to her sister?

Johanson Family said...

I hope you are feeling better ASAP!! I heard there may be a rumor of you with the 12-18 month kiddos and maybe the teacher of my lil' roo? that would make me so happy!! I feel so out of touch not knowing the teachers of my kiddos!
Love the quote.. I didn't know you lost your mom... sad. hugs!