August 6, 2011

Summer Wish List, No thanks..

It was on my list of things to do.To make a list of fun things to do as a family or just for me this summer. It never happened. There were sooo many things I wanted to do over the summer. A lot of bloggers had posted awesome Summer Fun Lists and I just failed at it!

So I'm skipping it. I'm so over the summer anyway. It's too DANG hot! I'm doing a Fall Fun List instead.
I love the fall. It's probably my favorite time of year, if you don't count Christmas.

So here it is...

Fall Fun!

 Go on a Hayride

Go Apple Picking

Make Cider
Jump in the leaves with Monkey
Take pumpkin patch pictures
Make Jack-o-laterns
Go to a football game
Go to a Craft Festival
Make a Fall Wreath
Make a list of all I'm thankful for

Go to a concert or two
Take family photos outside

Bake an Apple pie

What are you hoping to do this fall?! What should I add to my list?

1 comment:

Pam Holcomb said...

Plant pansies in shades of pink
Attend Covington's Fall Festival
Celebrate Jaclyn, Charla, Jessica, & Justa's B'Days.
Decorate a hay bale wi my straw fam.
Take long, cool evening walks wi my gardener/officer/soulmate.
Enjoy the Harvest Moons.
Ahhhhh can't wait for fall! Good call on this topic, Jenny!