October 20, 2011

Why I never...!

I'm totally stealing this idea from Krista at Powered by Mom Spit who got it from the link up at Mama's Losin' It.

I'm 20 *cough cough* years old and I've never...

1. traveled to another country.
2. skiled, water or snow.
3.  broken a bone * knock on wood*
4.  kissed a girl.

5.been to a Dallas Cowboy game or other nfl game
6. planted a garden.
7. been on tv
8.been formally engaged
9.nor have I been married.
10. been to Vegas.

11.bungee jumped.
12.nor sky drive
13. walked out of a movie.
14. been a part of a flash mob
15.been part of a protest.

What about you? What's something you've never done?


Krista said...

So, would 8, 9, and 10 go together when they DO happen? lol! There were days while I was planning my wedding (5 years ago) that I wished we had just gone to Vegas! And now that I'm a matron of honor in my friends wedding, I'm wishing she'd just go to Vegas instead, too!! lol!

So if you're 20 then you can't drink yet...bummer.... ;)

~*Nikka*~ said...

I love this! just the thing i needed to get my brain working in the morning lol. I just found your blog and I am enjoying every second of it. You can go and take a gander at mine if you like, its no where near as glamorous.

@Kristina: you can, just not when anyone's looking ;)

Johanson Family said...

Very fun post.. I'd never jump out of a plane or bungee jumped.. too scared of heights!

Sarah Kate said...

Ooooh, fun!!!! I like this!!!! I have only not done 3 things on your list, but I'm going to go ahead and not say which ones. ;o)

So I feel a little like an idiot now for assuming you were married. Whoops.