October 23, 2011

Fall Family Fun Day!

Remember this Fall fun List post? If not go read it and come back. I'll wait...

Done yet? Okay! Well, we actually did something on the list! Three somethings actually! I'm proud of myself!

On Saturday, my little family ventured out to Blase Family Farm. It was wonderful.

We fed cows,goats and sheep. They were so gentle and tame. I was worried Monkey was going to hurt them not the other way around.

After we fed the adorable animals. *Look at the fat little sheep!* We went and took pictures of the little guy while we waited for the hay ride!

He started singing "itsy bitsy spider in this picture. I'm guessing he's singing "down came the rain"... The hay ride was good. Not too long and not too short. We got to see their blueberry patch and I plan on picking blueberries come June. :) 

After the hayride C and I enjoyed hot dogs. There will be no pictures of me stuffing my face. (thank you verymuch) I took one of C...but I think he'd be mad if I posted it. So heres a picture of the hot dog Monkey
 refused to touch. I've never seen a kid that hates hot dogs like he does

After a yummy hot dog, it was pumpkin picking time! Monkey picked a pumpkin right away and refused to put it dow or look at any others. He's loyal like that. He kept saying "my pumpkin..right here my pumpkin. It was priceless. In fact the whole day was a great family day and something I will remember forever.

So we visited a pumpkin patch, went on a hayride and we took family pictures outside!
I LOVE fall!


Johanson Family said...

These are the kind of posts that just make me smile!! Love seeing pictures of you and your family!!

Sarah Kate said...

Your son is so adorable!!! But honestly, what kind of kid doesn't like hot dogs?!? :o)

I love your cute family. That picture of the three of you at the top is really sweet!!!

We went to the same kind of place this past Saturday, but I'm slow. No telling when I'll have our pictures posted from it. :o)