March 6, 2010


I got sick. It was gross. I felt like death. I'm feeling better this morning. I was looking forward to taking Monkey for a walk and maybe going to the park. Everyone woke up in a good mood. Yay! Then Monkey threw up his bottle while I was attempting to feed him some oatmeal and pears. He's never thrown up before! I mean yea when he was little bitty he would spit up every now and then but that was rare! As a nanny and preschool teacher I've seen tons of kids puke. It was gross and I felt terrible for them but seeing my own little man get sick was heart wrenching. He doesn't have a fever which is good. I'm hoping this bug works through him as quickly as it did me. He's napping peacefully on the couch next to me. Hopefully with a little rest and some extra love he'll feel better soon.

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