March 15, 2010

Today is an even better day!!!!!

I have a job!!!! I start on Thursday! I am SO excited, in case you can't tell. I haven't worked in awhile so I'm looking forward to it and the paycheck. Plus Monkey will be going to school 3 days a week. I think it will be great for him. Since I'm starting back to work, I've got a ton of clothes to wash and cleaning to do so things will be easier. I'll be working till 6:30. I hate working till 6:30 but seniority dictates who goes home early.

I've been trying to post since Sunday but I get online and open the post box and nothing. So now that I have the job news and I took a ton of cute pictures of Monkey on Saturday so I can share those with you as well. I'll try to find something "clever" or fun to blog about soon.

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