May 16, 2011

I missed you dear readers!!!

Oh my, I know I've been gone awhile but a lot and nothing has been going on lately. I've been gearing up my classroom for summer. I love summers at our preschoo,l they are sooo fun. So I haven't really said much on the blog about my kiddo; but there's a lot going on with him lately. We've discovered he isn't hearing like he should and his speech is very delayed. He's now enrolled in speech therapy and everyone in his life is very active in encouraging him to speak or sign. I almost cried today when he repeated a phrase I said. I love seeing the progress.

The scarey part is, on Wednesday he gets tubes put in. I know its routine and all that but I am NERVOUS!!! He's my baby!!

I think it's going to be harder on me than him!

Wish us luck!


Johanson Family said...

Thinking of lil' Scouty (as RJ calls him)... it will be a great improvement!! No worries!! :) hugs!!

Jenna said...

I love that *RJ* calls him that! It's adorable. Thanks for the well wishes!