April 1, 2011

Cute purses on etsy!

Welcome back to the Friday Favorites! Today's Friday Favorites is inspired by Janette. She wrote a blog about her purse and I'm not willing to embarrass myself with the sad state of my purse. Instead, I'm going to show ya'll some purses and awesome purses related things.

Look what I found on Esty!

SALE...MAY... Everyday purse,Shoulder Bag,Fuchsia I LLLOOOOOVVVVEEEEEE the color of this one! How fun is that?!  You can find it and other really cute bags at sineminugur .

Look at this little cutie!
Pink Polka Dot Cotton Wristlet How darling is this?! This just screams spring to me. You can find it at Noonew

I HAVE to get this! It's so cute and I could use it daily! I <3 bow!
Black Mini Bag w/ Exterior Pocket and Adjustable StrapYou can find this baby at Peace Love and Polkadots.

Here are some awesome purse crafts I've found lately!

Over-sized Clutch

RE-styled Purse

If you haven't already guessed my favorite blog this week has been

I love this blog. Anne makes me wish I could sew or that I lived in Florida next door to her so I could con her into sewing for me!!!

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Melonie said...

No fair you know my broke self loves purses ;( Why don't you post some shoes and hot men while you're at it lol