April 8, 2011

Friday Favorites.. The Flower Edition

Like most girls/women I love flowers. I love giving them and recieving them as gifts. I love having them around to brighten up the room. My favorites are gerber daisies,tulips stargrazer lillies and poppies. I'm not big on roses and most women are all about them.  I found these beautiful items on etsy and just had to share with you.

Look at this necklace! I just love the colors! It's named "Cammie" and comes with free matching earrings! I know what I'm buying myself on payday! :)  Be sure to look at all the other gorgeous pieces from this shop. Cammie and Friends

How cute are these? So adorable and playful.
Hand and Nom

Look at this gorgeous bracelet. It's handmade and I want!!!!! 
Bangle Bracelet, sterling silver, nature jewelry, wildflower, twig, Forget Me Not standard size    By  stratus silver

And would you beleive I have a flower related blog!? Well, its a blog post about a flower craft. I love Mama Jill. She's adorable and her little boy is soooo cute!

Mama Jill's cuteness!

Hope everyone had a great Friday.


Pam Holcomb said...

You are a flower child after my own blooms! My fav ones are the same as you listed-gerbers, stargazers, etc

I'm having a flower planting paallooozzzaaa tomorrow too. What a timely blog, lovey!
April flowers bring May power!!

Melonie said...

I think it would set a good example if you shared your new jewelry with me lol ;)