April 6, 2011

Easy Easter Egg Craft

I found this wonderful Easter Egg craft on Mom And Wife. It was super easy and I beleive it turned out VERY well. If I do say so myself.

Supplies Needed:

Straw or foam wreath ( I went with foam)

3 Big ‘ol bags of plastic eggs

Hot glue gun & glue

Easter basket grass that sparkles!

Here's what you do:

Just glue your eggs onto the wreath, alternating colors. Then use a pencil to push the grass into the gaps.

It's that easy. In fact, it was soo easy I made TWO. I made one larger one for my house and a smaller one for my classroom door.

I used some cute pastel ribbon to make a loop to hang it by. I'm pretty proud of this craft!

Let me know if any of you try it!


Mommy Knee Deep in Laundry said...

Looks cute! Think I will make one, I have bags and bags of eggs and grass...

Johanson Family said...

Very cute girl!! I need to try to find the time to make one myself! :)
I've only attempted the valentine wreath that still is hanging in the house, ha!