April 21, 2011

Love the Earth.

I'm not a very green person. I do try to re-use and reduce but I don't recycle.  I really believe

that if everyone continually does one good thing it can lead to big changes. I'm not an expert on being green so I just thought I would share some information I've come across.
10 Easy Ways to Go Green
  1. Unplug Things That Glow. If it has LED lights its using power even when off.
  2. Recycle Your Electronics. You can also donate old cell phones.
  3. Shop at the Farmers Market. Support LOCAL!!!
  4. Stop drinking from plastic water bottles. Get something re-usable
  5. Mow your lawn less and when you do leave the clippings! Save money by letting grass clippings remain on your lawn; it adds nitrogen to the soil and discourages weed seeds from germinating. You'll need less fertilizer and herbicide. Plus, leaving clippings on lawns means less in landfills; in 2005 Americans disposed of more than 12 million tons of yard waste.
  6. Buy appliances and other items with the Energy Star.
  7. Do full loads of laundry. Line dry if you can
  8. Carpool! If work is close enough to walk or bike, do that!
  9. Ditch Disposables. That means paper plates and the like. Diapers too! I plan on cloth diapering baby number 2.**Whenever that happens**
  10. Instead of buying books; go digital or go to the library. I love my kindle!

I'm posting this and Friday Favorites early because tomorrow I am unplugging my laptop and leaving it off all day in honor of Earth Day. I will also be do other things but every little bit counts.

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Pam Holcomb said...

Well I'm going to take advantage of the free coffee in my reusable pink bling, bling mug. And I'm going to not wash my hair nor take a bath in order to save water. May have to break down and use a wet wipe or two if I get to be a real stinker before bed time.