April 21, 2011

Friday Favorites

I am obessed with the color grey lately. **Side note... is it G-R-A-Y or G-R-E-Y? I prefer spelling it with an "e" but maybe that's just me?!**

I was "window" shopping on etsy and found a ton of grey/gray things to fall in love with....

Charcoal Gray Infinity Scarf Cowl-  Extra Large Chunky Infinity Scarf "BOGO"  "Buy one get one 50% off lowest price" This makes me wish it was winter again! Isn't it lovely?  Find it here Jarvis Gift

OOOOhhhhh, This is simply gorgeous! I love teal and grey  Sew Whimsey  has some very pretty headbands for little ladies and us grown up ladies!
Gray and Teal Flower Headband

Ohmygosh! I love this too...  What a lovely bracelet! It is WAY out of my price range but ohmygosh! Everything in this shop is GORGEOUS.. Karen Sugarman Designs
Leila Bracelet - Amethyst, Pink Topaz, Rubellite Garnet and Pearls with Amethyst Stalactite Feature Bead

 I love the color grey. I love it with purples and I love it with yellow. When C and I get married my colors are grey and purple, light purple for spring and dark purple for winter/fall. What's your favorite grey combo?

Oh... whenever I do these Friday Favorite or I'm just browsing on etsy I find some of the FUNNIEST things. Tonight I found something super great.

What do you think? Awesome huh?
Zombie Vaccine funny coffee mug cozy handmade
 Because without my coffee I am a zombie!!!!

1 comment:

Pam Holcomb said...

Gray or grey goes well with pink
But you probably guessed I'd say that
When you asked me what do I think?

Pink & greauy, yes a new spelling I have made
To top off my comment in a Pammified way!