April 29, 2011

Friday Favorites!

Happy Friday everyone! I don’t know about your household but here in ours; we have been watching a TON of basketball and baseball. And it should go without saying that we’re Mavericks and Rangers fans. So today’s Friday Favorites are SPORTS inspired.

The most awesome sports item you could buy would be tickets! Duh! I love going to games. It’s so much fun. I will warn you though, I CHEER and

 I YELL. I’m totally into the game. I’ve probably embarrassed my b/f a time or two,especially at The STARS games.

I really hope Monkey plays a sport. I want to cheer him on and wear one of those cute sports mom t-shirts and make basketball shaped cakes.

Anyhow look at what I found this week!!

I can't wait to wear one of these!!! Tee Ball MOM Heart  Rhinestone TShirt - Several  Shirt Colors Available or Soccer MOM Rhinestone TShirt - Several  Shirt Colors Available
Cute huh?!

Find them here: Renees Random Tees

Look at these cute little soaps!

Baseball Cap Silicone Soap Mold ( Soap Republic )

Find them here: Soap Republic

Super cute things!!! I'm thinking Monkey's birthday party will be sports themed! Maybe!

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