January 19, 2012

Damn you Sarah Mclachan

Between the Sarah Mclachlan aspca commericals and a writing prompt from Mama's Losin' It!, I've had dogs on the brain. I did the writing prompt a bit differently than suggested and just shared some about my pets.

This won't surprise most of you but I am an animal person. I've always had dogs, cats or birds growing up. I even had hermit crabs!  Right now, I have two dogs and I'd really like another or maybe a hamster or a hedgehog. If I were single and without a kiddo, I could be an animal hoarder. Seriously. **nah, I couldn't MAYBE a crazy cat lady**

My first dog was a cocker spaniel named Sandy. Sandy should have been named Satan or something of that vein. I was no older than three when she bit me square on the nose. I'm pretty sure she dd some permant damage,altought no one agree with me. I just know that THAT'S why my glasses sit crookedly on my face. Sandy
Then my sister and I fell in love with my Aunt's cockatiel . Somehow, we ended up with parakeets. (Note to my parents, you weren't folling anyone with a parakeet. A parakeet is NOTHING like a cockatiel.)


Sadly, all the birds commited birdie suicide. That's the story anywho and now birds creep me out.

My family briefly lived in the sticks when I was 9ish. We lived next door to my aunt, uncle and cousin.
I loved it. *Go figure* My cousin Becca and I would take long rambling walks in the "woods" behind our homes. We stubbled across a puppy one day. I was so exciting I carried the puppy to the woodline and then had it follow us to my home. I told my parents it followed me home and I begged to keep it. Two days later, it had destoryed the house and killed 2 of my uncles prize chicken. Starr as I named him/her was a COYOTE puppy! Needless to say, we let Starr back into the wild. Can you blame me though?!? Coyote pups are sooo cute.

I currently have two crazy dogs in our family. Ranger, an overweight grumpy 8 year old Beagle and Rebel, a 3 year old Pembroke Corgi. (and, yes if we get another dog he will have an "r" name. This wasn't played. I had Ranger for years before Rebel)

. I adopted Ranger in 2003. He was the cutest thing I had ever seen. I paid $182 for him. He was/is spoiled rotten.

This is Rebel. She's spunky loud and so affectionate. <3 We resuced her from a family in Azle that was mean to her. She still has a lot of fears, mostly brooms and my dad, but she's so sweet with Scout.

Ahh how cute are they?!?!

So anyone wanna get me that hedgehog? :)


Johanson Family said...

Love the big ole' belly on Ranger!! SO CUTE!!
Sarah makes me sad too!! breaks my heart!!

Mrs. Darcy said...

Awwwww! Cute pets!

I hate that commercial. It makes me want to cry!