January 31, 2012

Talk To Us Tuesday & 10 Things to Smile About..

I'm linking up with EVERYONE today!!! So here goes... ;)
 Okay it's not everyone but it's a bumch of awesome ladies! :)

Ten Things To Smile about on Talk To Us Tuesday!!1

1. We took Monkey to the ENT today and his hearing is now perfectly normal! He passed their little test with FLYING colors and Dr. Awesome was very impressed that my 2 and a half year old can spell his name! :) It's adorable. I should post a vid of it for ya'll.

2. C is actually getting me a Valentine's Day gift without me picking it out with him at the store this year. He was sooo cute this morning when he asked me a million questions because he wants to do a good job. ** I am still a bit bummed that he refuses to get me flowers because they die.

3. C actually watched a full episode of The Big Bang Theory with me. He hated it. He can't stand Sheldon but he tried so that counts.

4. I found out my favorite perfume has been discontinued BUT my bestie has a bottle to give me because it doesn't smell right on her. So yay for me..

5.I am super excited and SUPER NERVOUS about tomorrow Pick Your Plum Challenge link up. Even more nervous because I know some creative ladies had the same package as I do.

6. I am happy about doing more with my blog.  I'll be trying to update the look soon and I MIGHT be going to the blog confernce in Sept.

7. C and I filed our taxes and I will be getting my driver's license back and be getting a car!!

8. Having little conversations with my kiddo makes me so happy. I love that he can now tell me he played blocks and colored at school. It's soo cool!

9. It makes me smile that C supports all the nutty little things I latch onto.. like this blog. :)

10. My readers make me smile. Your comments, emails and just the fact that someone is reading my drivel makes my day.


Impulsive Addict said...

Who doesn't love comments? I even like the rude ones! HA!

Believe it or not, I do NOT like getting flowers for Valentines day for that reason--they die. And they mark them up 555% (or close to it)

I had a simple project for PYP and I still hyperventilated. I'm such a wuss.

Hey thanks for linking up with us today! We appreciate it! xoxo

Emmy said...

You know while it makes me happy to get flowers, I think I would rather get something else, as yea they do die and I am bad about remembering to give them more water- so they die quickly :)

That would be fun to go the blogging conference.
And so so awesome about Monkey!!

Thanks so much for linking up! I am your newest follower.

Sarah Kate said...

I always accept donuts in lieu of flowers. :o)

I'm not sure I could be friends with C. Sheldon is the whole reason I watch BBT!!!!

Have fun at the blog conference! Is it the same one that Janette and Krista are going to?