January 25, 2012

I have a fever...

and the only cure is more cowbell...

 Okay, not really but I've got a fever. BABY FEVER. Ugh! I miss being pregnant.(not to mention how fun getting preggers is!)  I miss having a little teeny baby.

It's so hard to avoid the fever too when I'm surrounded by some of the cutest babies/toddlers in the world at my job.

I have two family memembers that are expecting and I'm kind of jealous. C and I aren't in a postition to have another baby this year. We're going to aim for next year though!!! If I don't get pregnant in 2013, I'm done. So I guess everyone cross your fingers for me!  I'm hoping to have a little redheaded pistol running around someday. :)

So how about a little hair of the dog? Look at all this cute little ones and cute things for little ones I've found on pinterest!


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Too much cute!!!!

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